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5 Ingredient Teething Cookies For Babies(6 months+)

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You are probably searching for something to soothe your baby's gums. This 5 ingredient teething cookies for babies will help soothe your little one.

Teething babies can sometimes be tough to handle. Teething is the process by which new teeth erupts from your baby's gums which can be uncomfortable. Teething can start as early as 2 months of life and as late as 15 months. The 1st teeth to erupt are the two lower milk teeth.

Some signs that your baby is teething include; increased Fussiness or irritability, biting on things, poor feeding, drooling of saliva, swollen and tender gums, and sometimes a high body temperature.

Teething cookies for babies
Toddler biting on a teething cookie

What to do when your baby is teething?

  • Teething does not make your baby sick but makes them uncomfortable. If your baby is having a fever, you may need to give acetaminophen.
  • You can also massage their gums using your finger. Make sure you have washed your hands.
  • Use a cold washcloth to rub their gums. You dampen the washcloth and chill it in the refrigerator. Then give it to your baby to chew. It soothes their gums.
  • Homemade teething biscuits or cookies: As mentioned earlier, homemade teething cookies made with safe ingredients can provide a soothing texture for teething babies to chew on.

Let's make our cookies for teething babies at home. All you need is a ripe banana, oats, coconut oil, applesauce and cinnamon. These oat banana cookies are suitable for 6 months and above.

You have to supervise your baby as they can choke on the cookie pieces. These baby oat banana teething cookies are gluten-free and diary-free.

Baby Teething cookies ingredients

  • Instant oats or oat flour: Adds a soft texture to the cookies.
  • Ripe banana: Banana adds natural sweetness and acts a binder. Binding the ingredients together.
  • Unsweetened applesauce: For additional moisture and acts as a sweetener.
  • Coconut oil: helps moisten the cookies. Also contains healthy fats for growing babies.
  • Cinnamon: for added flavor and also contains antibacterial properties.
Teething cookies for babies

How to bake homemade 5 ingredient teething cookies for babies

Making this oat baby cookies entails baking. So, start by preheating your oven to 350°F. Line your baking pan with parchment paper.

Then, in a large mixing bowl, combine the mashed banana, instant oats (or oat flour), melted coconut oil, unsweetened applesauce, and ground cinnamon (if using). Mix well until a dough forms.

Take small portions of the dough, and roll into small balls. Use a fork to press flatten them into a circular cookie shape. Place them in the baking sheet.

Place them in the preheated oven and bake them for about 15 minutes or until brown.

Teething cookies for babies

Remove them from oven and cool completely before serving them to your baby. Your teether cookies for babies are ready.

Baby Teething cookie recipe

Cooking Method
Dietary Diary-free, Gluten-free